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1964 Chevy Chevelle Hood Hinge (Pair)

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Fesler tries to stock natural, polished & black finishes, however backorders can occur. If your order is critical, call to check stock before ordering.
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Our best-selling hinge ever, the H-908 hinge was designed to fit the 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle.  Originally designed in 2007 , our H-908 hinge is our most versitally reliable hood hinge. As with all our products, the H-908 were designed in our Scottsdale facility and then manufactured using only the best grades of aluminum, bearings and hardware. Each set is hand assembled in house after rigorous quality control checks.

Pride and quality are important to Fesler and as a result we use 6061 aerospace grade billet aluminum for phenomenal strength and durability. Weather tight, dust resistant bearings and stainless steel button head hardware are used to guarantee accurate functionality in any climate.  We also include proprietary reinforcement and safety elements to insure lifetime strength and durability

The H-908 hinge offers an affordable functioning option for the nation’s most popular muscle car. Until now, the only option for “custom” hood hinges was chromed versions of the factory original, that, while offering glitter and shine, compromised strength my actually weakening the spring. Our hinges offer more stability and support and are incredibly stronger than stock and/or chromed stock hinges.

60-year old, rusty steel hinge frames can now be replaced with distinctive aluminum assemblies and bulky outdated springs can be replaced with mechanically advanced gas charged carbon steel lift supports.  The high grade gas lift supports provide maximum lift assist as well as corrosion resistance and are covered by a 2 year marine environment warranty. Each pair of lift supports are engineered to last up to 50,000 cycles. Each pair of hinges come standard with our black carbon lift supports but, polished stainless steel lift supports can be added for only $95.00 more.

Please be aware that heavier (those with skinned hood, extra weight from body work, additional metal work like added hood scoops) may require a heavier lift support option to keep the hood from sagging during display.  Be sure to choose your correct hood weight when ordering. Please understand that some hoods could be too heavy for our strongest lift support. Because we have researched and engineered our lift supports to contain the maximum amount of gas to operate at a safe level, we are unwilling to risk vehicle damage and/or human injury by simply making our struts stronger.  Fesler takes safety very seriously and would never put your project or well-being in jeopardy just to sell you a product. While we are the only hood hinge manufacturer that offers 8 separate lift support pressures, it is entirely possible that we may not have a pressure that will SAFELY hold up your hood.

The stylish H-908 hinges are available in a few different finishes including natural, polished, brushed and black anodized. We also now offer two separate designs when ordering our hinges. Choose from our traditional classic style or from our new geometric design. Both styles offer distinctive options for exactly the same price.

For 1965-1967 Chevelle models, see part number H-1309.

For 1968-1972 Chevelle models, see part number H-708.

FREE SHIPPING applies to continetial USA only. 

** Please be sure to read our Hinge Installation article for a better idea of how to properly align your hood hinges. Fesler hinges were made to fit EXACTLY like OE and do not require any modifications to install. If you feel your mounting locations are not tall enough or that new mounting holes are necessary there is most likely a problem with your aligning method. Please use our article as a troubleshooting guide before modifying the hinges.


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  • 5
    64 Elky

    Posted by Scott S. (provided via email 07/07/2009) on 14th Jul 2010

    I wanted to again compliment you on the set of hinges that I got for my 64 Elky.

    The car is far from a dog but those hinges are works of art. After debating about putting them on a fine carved wooden stand and centering them of the coffee table, then the formal dining room table, then on the pillow next to me ( felt guilty about that idea), I finally decided to put them on the car - Can't see them when the hood is down so at every stoplight, I raise the hood and hold up a sign that says.....I don't care what you are driving, my hinges are better than yours .

    The installation was smooth. No

    I have noticed that when some people sell their customs they do it with or without an engine or with or without a trailer. (
    You know what's coming....) I will list the Elky with or without the hood hinges. I have asked my lawyer to put them in the
    will for my son.

    Do I like your hinges...... nah, not at all. At a weekend show they loved my car, they worshipped your hinges. Got lights

    Even thought about having them engraved pinstripe style. Adding a diamond seemed too much. Kinda like that pillow
    thing, huh.

    On a serious note....the box, packaging and presentation was a fantastic display of product price. It was wonderful and I
    could swear I heard a little drum roll as I unpacked it, Would be kinda cool to get one of those Hallmark cards that play
    music when you open it and strategically place it so it begins to play when the box is open. Like the 2001 theme for Elvis.

  • 5
    Clears my front end!

    Posted by Glen C. (provided via email 01/05/2010) on 14th Jul 2010

    Your hinges cleared chrome alloy tubes that went from my firewall along the inner fender.

    They look great and they clear, therefore all is well and truly worth the wait.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott S. (provided via email 02/25/2010) on 14th Jul 2010

    I have your hinges on my 1964 El Camino. I get a LOT of compliments on them.
    Saw your hinges on a very very nice 56 Chevy at the Dallas car show last weekend. Started talking about starting a new
    club FHOA ( Fesler Hinge Owners of America )

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