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AC-66 GM Powered ACCESS 24/7 Wiring System

AC-66 GM Powered ACCESS 24/7 Wiring System

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Our newest generation wiring panel has arrived. This newly engineered fuse system known as the ACCESS 24/7 [patent pending] comes standard with 24 fuses and 3 relays, along with a unique mounting system and room for 4 additional relays. RON FRANCIS WIRING is now in our 34th year of high quality, extremely user friendly wiring systems for custom and upgraded automobiles. Our 18th generation, the ACCESS 24/7 covers all the bases and allows you to consolidate even additional aftermarket product's relays to really clean up the under dash board area. 


The “24” means fuse capacity, the “7” means number of relays it has the capacity to hold and the ACCESS 24/7 name is derived from the fact that you can actually reach under your dash board and bring the fuse panel out in plain view for checking a fuse, servicing, etc. There is so much to this small package it is hard to list. 


When you want to add an accessory or additional wires leading to the fuse panel, they simply plug in specially labeled connectors in the kick panel or behind upholstery. This is very similar to the terminal block design of the EXPRESS or BARE BONZ except they plug in instead. Talk about limited time under the dash. This works great! 

This fuse box measures only 5-3/"L x 3-1/4"W x 3-3/8"H!


We will need to know what plugs you need for your steering column and you Alternator so please make sure you give us your email or number to call you.