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Automatic Digital Ride Height Controller

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Offering complete control of your air suspension system, Dakota Digital’s new DHC series of control units have your needs covered! The DHC systems offer the utmost in flexibility to flawlessly operate any air ride system on the road today! All DHC systems offer unlimited control of the air ride system through not only the 3 user selectable preset heights, but full manual control of the air system for minor changes, eliminating bulky rocker switches! These systems also feature the “Auto Raise” innovation which will instantly bring the vehicle to a safe driving height upon starting the vehicle! Handheld remote controls are also available to operate the vehicle’s height for the absolute in convenience!

Similar to other Dakota Digital instruments, these units feature the latest vacuum fluorescent technology for an incomparable appearance! If those features aren't enough, the DHC line also includes user-selectable valve speed, correction percentage adjustment as well as correction time, all of this to tailor this system to specific suspension dynamics and personal preference.
All DHC kits include a single 0-400psi pressure sensor to monitor air tank levels!

Three variations of DHC kits are currently available:

The DHC-2100 utilizes proprietary vehicle height sensors (4) to monitor the true vehicle height, regardless of cargo, fuel level, or pressure in the air bags!

The DHC-2101 model controls the vehicle height based solely upon the pressure in the air bags. This system is ideal for slower air systems and offers simplified installation. 5 Pressure sensors (0-150psi included for each air bag, 0-400psi for air tank) included in kit.

The DHC-2102 offers the best of both systems! Vehicle height sensors as well as air pressures sensors are constantly being monitored by the DHC-2002 to offer absolute precision control of the air ride system.  Kit includes 4 height sensors as well as 5 pressure sensors (0-150psi included for each air bag, 0-400psi for air tank).

All systems have the availability to be controlled remotely through the use of ARR-2000, 6-button remote system.

Unit measures 6" x 2-11/16"

24 Months