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Automatic Door Lock Controller

Automatic Door Lock Controller

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The PAC-3500 was designed with flexibility in mind. This unit will Lock/Unlock:

  • Suicide Safety Door pins for a shaved door handle application
  • Power Door Lock/Unlock motors for a standard power lock application

The PAC-3500 can be activated by two methods:

  • Vehicle speed: this can be accomplished by hooking into an existing VSS circuit (electronic speedometer, Cruise Control, Transmission mounted speed sensor, Electric lockup torque converter kit, Navigation system, etc.) This will Lock as the vehicle approaches a user selectable speed, then Unlock as the vehicle ignition is turned off.
  • Gear position: when using a Dakota Digital gear shift sending unit, a +12volt signal can be applied to the input of the PAC-3500. Once the transmission is shifted into a drive gear, the doors will lock and will then unlock as the transmission is shifted back into Park.

The PAC-3500 includes  a dual relay pack to interface with either suicide safety door pins or standard door lock actuators.

12 Months