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Billet Brake Light Frames Large

Billet Brake Light Frames Large

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L58 FR
2.00 LBS
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Billet Frames for L58 Series LED Lights If you aren't into flush mounting taillight or 3rd brake light lenses into the body, these stunning machined billet aluminum frames work with our L58 kits to allow you to surface mount the lens on the outside of the sheet metal while the LED's and housing attach to the inside.

The large L58 Frame is 16-3/4" long X just under 1" wide. It will protrude .400" off the surface. They accept our lenses perfectly (as shown). All other parts (lens, LED's, housing, etc) are in the flush mount kits, just add these frames for flat surface mount installation. 3rd Brake Light kits need one frame, Taillight Kits need two frames.