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Fesler Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax

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Everyone knows that a Brazilian wax job is a crowd favorite. Fesler aims to please and has succeeded in delivering that same soft, silky finish in our 7 oz Brazilian Wax can. Made from 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba wax, our hard paste leaves your vehicle’s private parts with a long lasting smooth finish and let’s face it, most of us prefer a long lasting finish to a quickie any day. You can anticipate breaking a little sweat when working with this product since a lot of heavy petting is expected. This is truly what keeps the Fesler rides looking so good all year long and if you have seen one of our cars at a show then you understand our products.


 A little about the products:

The New Fesler Detail Product line has been in the works for years. We have developed what we feel is one of the best detail product lines on the market because we build the cars that we use these on so we know what works. We have products that no one else does and we can assure you that we designed these products to be the best. This is not your mothers detail products this is state of the art and blended right here in the U.S.A. and bottled right here in our facility. These are eco-friendly products and all water based so there are no harmful chemicals here. Fesler has the only wheel cleaning products out there tested over and over to assure you that it will not do damage to your wheels. We have our own 3 piece wheel line that we trust it too so you can be assured it will not hurt your wheels. Try our products today you will not be disappointed and they have a great smell to them as well so you will enjoy cleaning with them. Check out the complete line now.