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Chevrolet Belair (1955-1956) Billet Aluminum Hood Hinges (pair)

Chevrolet Belair (1955-1956) Billet Aluminum Hood Hinges (pair)

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Fesler tries to stock natural, polished & black finishes, however backorders can occur. If your order is critical, call to check stock before ordering.
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The H-508 hinge is designed to fit the 1955 & 1956 Chevrolet Chevy Bel Air, Sedan Delivery, 210, 150 and Nomad models. These hinges were designed in our Scottsdale facility and then manufactured using only the best grades of aluminum, bearings and hardware. Each set is hand assembled in house after rigorous quality control checks.

With quality being held at the highest standards possible, the H-508 hinge is manufactured using 6061 aerospace grade billet aluminum for phenomenal strength and durability. Weather tight, dust resistant bearings and stainless steel button head hardware are used to guarantee accurate functionality in any climate. 

The H-508 hinge offers more stability and support for the wobbly hood caused by stock hinges and is incredibly stronger than chromed stock hinges which can actually suffer from metal weakness after chroming. Worn out steel braces are replaced with aluminum structure and the bulky OE springs have been replaced with technically advanced gas charged carbon steel lift supports.  The high grade gas lift supports provide maximum lift assist as well as corrosion resistance and are covered by a 2 year marine environment warranty. Each pair of lift supports are engineered to last up to 50,000 cycles. Each pair of hinges come standard with our black carbon lift support but our polished stainless steel lift support can be added for only $95.00 more.

Please be aware that heavier ’55 model hoods (those with skinned hood, extra weight from body work, additional metal work like added hood scoops) and some ’56 models require our safety hook to keep the hood from sagging during display.  Every pair of Fesler H-508s include a matching set of safety hooks at no additional charge. Because we have researched and engineered our lift supports to contain the maximum amount of gas to operate at a safe level, we are unwilling to risk vehicle damage and/or human injury by simply making our struts stronger.  Fesler takes safety very seriously and would never put your project or well-being in jeopardy just to sell you a product. Our safety hooks are designed to “break away” in the event your hood is pulled down before releasing the latches, thus making the Fesler H-508 the safest option for your Tri-Five model.

The classy H-508 hinges are available in a few different finishes including natural, polished, brushed, clear anodized and black anodized.

For 1957 Belair and like models please see part number H-1410.

FREE SHIPPING applies to continetial USA only. 

* Models that still use the stock battery tray will need minor modification to the tray itself. Most modifications require only the slight bending of the battery tray or the addition of a custom stand off to make room for the hinge’s lift support. No cutting is involved.

** Please be sure to read our Hinge Installation article for a better idea of how to properly align your hood hinges. Fesler hinges were made to fit EXACTLY like OE and do not require any modifications to install. If you feel your mounting locations are not tall enough or that new mounting holes are necessary there is most likely a problem with your aligning method. Please use our article as a troubleshooting guide before modifing the hinges. 


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  • 5
    What can i say ?

    Posted by Barry S. on 28th Jul 2010

    I have purchased hood hinges for my Camaro and after seeing and fitting them decided to buy another set for my 56 Chev as well.Some of the best billet works products we have seen.The customer service is very good and fast replys.

  • 5
    great looks and function

    Posted by Bobby S Vintage Fabrication on 27th Jul 2010

    these look great ond work better. We have used these and other years and are ordering more.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike G. (provided via email 01/16/2010) on 14th Jul 2010

    Hinges I bought are beautiful.
    Can't wait to install. My wife of 40 years wanted to know why she doesn't excite me as much as hinges, just pulling my leg.
    I love my wife, but these hinges are beyond fine. thank you
    for a quality product & all information.

  • 5
    money well spent

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2010

    i bought a set of these around march last year (2009), when i got them i was amazed at the quality when i first opened the box, i didnt even want to touch them. (although they came with white cotton gloves at the time haha). havent had any problems with them at all, they fit perfect and have had no issues. the operate perfect and are nearly silent in operation, plus they make my all aluminum big block look even better. a couple things you might want to consider is getting the hood locks if your hoods gonna be up for a long period of time, and be sure to get your weight right on the hood when you order the hinges. a friend of mine ordered a set for his 55, and his hood is glass instead of steel, and had no hood bird. he ordered them for a steel hood with a hoodbird for whatever reason and they werent quite right. fesler did resolve the problem with a set of different struts but its easier just to order the right thing to begin with haha. these are well worth the expense, and you will be the only one on the block with a set. im going to get the trunk hinges probably this week

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