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E-Series 40-inch

E-Series 40 inch light bar

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First developed in 2004, the E-Series lineup of products by Rigid Industries set the standard in forward projecting LED lights. The original patented Hybrid optical system continues to lead the field in efficiency and projection. In 2011 Rigid Industries reinvested and redesigned the original Hybrid system to work with the latest Cree and Osram LEDs. This redesign netted an almost 50% increase in center intensity over the first generation optical system. Using the new optical system, current E-Series lights project more than twice the amount of light at the same power. As LED technology evolves, so does the ageless E-Series product line. Coming in 2012, you will see intelligence, dimming, and high/low functions.

Each E-series product comes with our latest improvements. Those improvements include, a genuine Gore-Tex pressure equalizing system, ultra efficient heatsink, and the unmatched strength and durability Rigid is known for. Add in Rigid Industries limited lifetime warranty and unmatched customer service and the choice is clear.

40-Inch E-Series Spot/Flood Light bar

Kit Includes mounting hardware/brackets plusg and play wiring Harness with switch 

Limited Lifetime Warranty