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H-508 Billet Aluminum Safety Latch (pair)

H-508 Billet Aluminum Safety Latch (pair)

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1.00 LBS
$4.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Designed for heavier ’55 model hoods (those with skinned hood, extra weight from body work, additional metal work like added hood scoops) and some ’56 models require our safety hook to keep the hood from sagging during display.  Every pair of Fesler H-508s already include a matching set of safety hooks at no additional charge. Because we have researched and engineered our lift supports to contain the maximum amount of gas to operate at a safe level, we are unwilling to risk vehicle damage and/or human injury by simply making our struts stronger.  Fesler takes safety very seriously and would never put your project or well-being in jeopardy just to sell you a product. For safety reasons we have designed these hooks to be break-a-way in the event that someone trys to pull down on the hood when the locks are in place.

What you see here is one pair of replacement latches. Each pair comes complete with bolts, washers, bushings and installation instructions. 


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