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5.75-inch LED Headlight Assembly

L.E.D. Headlamp Assembly

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By VisionX Lighting 


VisionX L.E.D. headlights are all the rage and close the gap on poor vision by supplying brilliant LED illumination! Designed so that you can see and be seen better, each of these headlights shines with an LED halo daytime running light, high beams with IRIS reflectors, and enhanced low beams. These headlights have added two LEDs with elliptical lenses to the sides of the headlight housing, filling in the road space between the vehicle and the low beam. So, your driving experience is not only brighter, but safer, too. And you can go anywhere with them, because every part of these headlights has been approved and certified by the DOT in all states. Built to last, the sealed, durable, UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses around the robust aluminum polycarbonate hybrid housings provide protection from debris and garner an IP 68 rating.


DOT Certified Driving Light

Every part of the headlight has been approved and certified by the DOT in all states. Each pair features 3 modes (low, high, halo) and will fit a multitude of applications. 


Universal Applications

The 7″ LED headlight was designed to be used by any vehicle that currently has a 7″ factory headlight, or has a custom fit 7″ mounting area. Classic Cars were kept in mind while this light was being engineered, making it the perfect light for classic applications.


Details (apply to both 5.75" and 7" pairs)

Raw Lumens:                8,420 lm      

Effective Lumens:         5,894 lm       

Wattage:                       86

Amp Draw(@12V):       7.17A


Beam Patterns





Sold in pairs. Complete headlight replacement. 

Some modifications may be needed to fit the depth of the lights into your core support. 

Comes standard with an extended warranty, and multi-volt 12V DC input. This light weighs 2.2 pounds (5") and 4.4 pounds (7") and is available in chrome or black chrome.