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Programmable Dual Fan Controller

Programmable Dual Fan Controller

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The PAC-2700 was designed for the ultimate in flexibility, and to be a simple add-on in any application using an electric fan. Included is a 70amp relay, enough for even the most power hungry of cooling fans. Fully programmable, the PAC-2700 will work with many existing electronic water temp gauges which indicate a numerical temperature reading (as opposed to " Cold, Normal, Hot", etc), operating from the single-wire temperature sending unit already installed. A dedicated sending unit can also be installed.

The PAC-2700 features fully programmable “fan on” and “fan off” temperatures to suit any application or personal preferences. The PAC-2700 has the capability to leave the electric fan operating after the engine has been shut down for a user adjustable time. The PAC-2700 offers a full digital LED readout for displaying temperature readings and maintaining simple installation.

Box measures 3" wide, 2.75" high, 1" thick. Mounting is recommended inside the cab of the vehicle or an alternate dry environment.

Fan Temperature Selection Range: 150F- 250F

**The use of a second relay RLY-1 (0-30 amp) or RLY-3 (0-70 amp)(not included) will be required for dual fan or two speed fan operation.

The PAC-2700 features a 24-month warranty against manufacturer defects! 

24 Months