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Retained ACC Power w/Headlight & Dome Light control

Retained ACC Power w/Headlight & Dome Light control

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Combining three very popular functions, the new Dakota Digital PAC-1300 offers automatic headlight control, dome light control, and retained accessory power!  Similar to some features found in several new production vehicles, the PAC-1300 will activate the vehicle’s headlights in low ambient light conditions and turn off the headlights as those conditions are increased to a safe level.  This new revolutionary unit will leave the headlights on for a user selectable time as the vehicle is exited to safely light your path. The PAC-1300 also contains a user selectable time delay on the dome light after closing a door, or turning off the key.  Instead of abruptly turning on and off, the PAC-1300 adds a smooth fade on and off operation to your existing dome light. The PAC-1300 also keeps your vehicle’s accessories active until a door is opened after the ignition key has been turned off!  The PAC-1300 provides up to 20 minutes of “key off” operation, giving the user complete control of the power windows, radio, or any other vehicle accessory. 

Also included is a unique voltage monitoring system.  This function will shut down the vehicle’s lights and accessories if a lower than normal voltage condition is seen, keeping the battery charged for starting the engine. 

12 Months