Are you buying shitty parts for your Camaro? Stop!

Are you buying shitty parts for your Camaro? Stop!

31st Aug 2016

If you’re building a 1967-1969 Camaro and you haven’t fully considered the assortment of parts from Fesler Built and Fesler Billet then you basically aren’t building a 1967-1969 Camaro…not one worth talking about, anyway.

Just for reference, this is what we mean when we say "worth talking about."

Fesler offers a whole mess of parts that will take your car from “meh” to “Hey, that’s one hell of a car!” faster than Tom Bailey’s ’69 flies down the strip. Face it, you’re not tricking out a Honda here. Put some thought into this and buy the right stuff. This isn’t a toy – it’s a race car. Build it right.

Door panels – Fiberglass door panels from Fesler Built, wrapped in leather or your fabric of choice and complemented with Fesler Billet interior door handles and arm rests, will turn those old stock, dated door panel designs into a futuristic gateway to your stunning ride. Door panels are the first part of your interior people will see as they enter your car. Skimping here is pretty much saying, “Yeah, I have a Camaro, but I don’t really care about it.”

And that’s not cool. Don’t do that. Get yourself some awesome door panels.

Seriously, look at it. Just. Look. At. It.

Center console – This hand-built, steel offering, again, wrapped in the covering of your choosing, not only lends the functionality of a storage compartment as well as room for vents or switches and a huge double-din stereo but also says, “Yah, I’m not really one to build a ‘good’ car - I built what you’d call a ‘great’ car.”

If you were prone to making understatements, that is. But you’re not. You own a sweet, 1969 Camaro.

You'll actually start to wonder how you could stand your car before you had this thing.

Billet exterior door handles – This one’s a no-brainer. You’ve already done the interior handles, the stock parts are junk, and these come in sweet finishes that complement your awesome paint job. These handles are the icing on the cake. You like cake, right? Who doesn’t like cake? Exactly.

For real, how sweet is that?

Hood and trunk hinges – The annoying thing about stock hinges is how much they just plain suck. Conversely, the really cool thing about Fesler Billet hood and trunk hinges is how much they don’t suck. Replacing old, steel, spring-operated parts with shiny, new, gas strut-powered hinges made by people who actually know what the hell they’re doing…that’s a winning combination.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. We're tearing up a little. Give us a sec.

You win. Your Camaro wins. Everyone blessed with the opportunity to bask in the glory of your stunning car wins.

You’ve practically solved world peace. Expect a letter from the Dalai Lama and a visit from the Pope, you awesome SOB.

But first, get those parts. Remember, Fesler Built, Fesler Billet,

Well, are you just gonna sit there, or what? Go!