Are your car parts older than your teeth?

Are your car parts older than your teeth?

Posted by Fesler Built on 31st Aug 2016

Ask yourself which is older, your car parts or your teeth?

If it is your teeth, congratulations on excellent dental health. However, if it is your car parts, then it is about time to replace those aging parts with something made in the current century.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself: "Self, does it really matter how old my car parts are as long as my car is still working?" You are probably shrugging and responding: "I don't think so?"

STOP talking to yourself (If the voices continue talking anyway, you should definitely consult an expert).

It does matter how old your car parts are. Steel car parts deteriorate over time. You know that strange squeaking or creaking sound you hear when you open the trunk, or the hood of your car? It isn't mice. It is the sound of an ill-fitting car part that has warped over the years. And those strange red flakes covering the floor of your garage definitely aren't paprika. In layman's terms, it’s called rust.

Now that you are convinced of the importance of replacing old parts on your classic vehicle, it is time to go and purchase those parts. What is that you say? You can't find good hood hinges for your 1969 Camaro or 1967 Mustang?

First off, allow us to congratulate you for talking to us instead of yourself and secondly, for owning some very beautiful classic cars. Now have you considered the value of billet aluminum parts for your classic car?

Modern aftermarket parts, like those produced by Fesler Billet, are more than just as good, they are better than old, original parts. And, most definitely, they will outlast those original, hard to find parts. But, hey, if you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a part that has been sitting in a storage bin collecting dust for the past 50 years, who are we to stop you?

Your best bet, though, assuming you want your car to last until your grandchildren are replacing their teeth, is to purchase quality billet aluminum door handles, hood hinges and trunk hinges