Fesler hood and trunk hinges fit many different applications!

31st Aug 2016

Fesler hood and trunk hinges are renowned for their fit, operation and quality but did you know they fit more than just the cars we mainly advertise them for?

Fesler Billet 1964 Chevelle hood hinge, installed on a 1964 Chevelle.

When we design hinges at Fesler Billet, the process includes a wide-range test fit, sending the hinges to people with the intended model to try out and give feedback on. However, we also test the hinges on vehicles similar to the one the hinge is designed for, to see if there are expanded applications.

In some cases, there are.

For instance, if you have a 1964-1967 Pontiac GTO, our 1964 Chevelle hood hinge will fit. Also, the trunk hinges for a 1964 Chevelle will fit the 1964-1965 GTO and the 1966 Chevelle trunk hinge will fit the 1966-1967 GTO.


Fesler Billet 1964 Chevelle hood hinge installed on a Pontiac GTO

Besides that, the Chevelle hinges will fit El Caminos and Malibus from the same era, as well – and even some Impalas!

So, no matter what classic muscle car you are retrofitting or transforming into the pro touring car of your dreams, be sure to check with Fesler Billet to see if we have hinges to fit your needs!

FBH-908_NAT (1)

Each pair of Fesler hinges is engineered and produced to the highest standards – the supports are able to withstand up to 50,000 cycles. Lift support options are available for different types of hoods, from lightweight carbon fiber applications to those heavier than the original steel. Struts can be finished in black or polished, according to customer specification.

See a more complete list below or call us in the shop with questions! (480) 748-2000.

Fesler Hinge Applications