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Hot Dot start stop switch available in Blue, Red or Green

The "Hot Dot" All-In-One Ignition Start/Stop Switch System

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The "Hot Dot" All-In-One Ignition Start/Stop Switch.

Put your Ignition Switch and Starter all into one unit. This gorgeous chrome recessed switch is 3/4" diameter and has a blue LED ring to indicate when the ignition is "On". Push and hold the button while the starter turns over and release when the engine starts. The ignition stays "On". Push again to stop the engine.

You've seen it on new, top-end luxury cars... now it can be on your ride, too. Clean, slick, neat, state-of-the-art.

Comes with relaypak and everything you need to install.

Available w/ red, green, white or blue lighting. Blue, Green, White or Red LED Ring Indicates that Ignition is "On"