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Universal Flywheel Tachometer Interface

Universal Flywheel Tachometer Interface

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The DSL-2 consists of an DSL-1 speedometer signal interface unit and a inductive gear tooth sensor. This unit will convert a signal from the flywheel-gear tooth sensor to an ignition tachometer signal. When using a standard 4-6-8 cylinder tachometer on a diesel engine the DSL-2 can convert the flywheel sensor signal into a 4 cylinder gas ignition signal. Calibration is accomplished by counting the number of teeth on the flywheel or using another tachometer as reference. The sensor should be mounted so the flywheel teeth pass by the end of the sensor.

Sensor:   2" Long, 3/4"-16 Threads

Product not compatible with '86-91 VW Vanagon's and other similar models

12 Months