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Ultimate Kit

Wheel Fit Ultimate Kit

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Wheel Fit Ultimate Kit

The Wheel Fit™ Ultimate contains both faceplates to fit most all 4-, 5-, and 6-lug vehicles, including bolt circles ranging from 4-100mm up to 4-130mm and 5-100mm up to 5-135mm. It fits most all 5- and 6- lug vehicles, including bolt circles ranging from 5-5 up to 5-150mm and 6-4.5 up to 6-5.5.

This kit will extend from 14" – 20" in tire bead diameter. It will also extend from 6.5" – 16" in width. Backside setting is completely adjustable within the constraints of the tool. A ruler mark is engraved on the side of the tool to indicate backside setting and width measurements.





Wheel Fit is a tool that allows you to determine the biggest and widest tire that will fit your vehicle with the exact offset needed to make the tire fit without rubbing.


Wheel Fit is made in America out of heavy duty aluminum alloy and works for 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8- lug vehicles. Its adjustable bead clamps securely hold the tire beads so you can quickly, accurately and easily check the tire for clearance issues.





How well do you know wheel terminology? Over the years, we have heard people talking about offset and backside setting in ways that are everything but correct. In Wheel Tech 101 we demonstrate how offset and backside settings are measured and their mathematical correlation to each other.  


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