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Wrap-it-up Spray

Wrap-it-up Spray

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Anyone who has, or is considering getting, a vinyl wrap on their vehicle may wonder what sort of product will be required to clean it without damaging the material. Some cleaners can be harsh, damaging the graphics or the adhesive of the wrap but this spray from Fesler Detail will protect the wrap while cleaning giving it a fresh appearance.

At Fesler Built, we have wrapped many vehicles, as well as other things at the shop, and so we developed our own cleaner for vinyl wraps. This formula is designed to be gentle and safe on all forms of vinyl as well as not to interfere with the adhesive. The spray is perfect for getting rid of water spots or dust efficiently and safely.

Vinyl wrap on a vehicle can be a great advertising tool, but only if the presentation is good! With Fesler Detail’s “Wrap It Up Spray” users can be sure to keep their wrap looking its very best with no worry about damaging it!

 About Fesler Detail Products

Engineered in Fesler’s own shop in Scottsdale, AZ and test on Fesler’s own projects, Fesler Detail products are tested and approved before they are produced and bottled on site for sale. Fesler Detail products can be purchased from Fesler’s website or on All parts of the products, from the contents to the packaging, is made in the U.S.A.