**Purchasing Questions**


  1. **What is flush mount glass?**

   It's a larger piece of glass designed to fit within the OE opening, eliminating the need for trim or weather stripping. It uses a FRIT band, primer, and super adhesive urethane for fastening.


  1. **What makes/models do you make flush mount glass for?**

   Check our website for a full list of available makes/models.


  1. **Can you make custom glass?**

   Yes, for $38,000, including mock-up, prototype, mold, and production. You must provide the car for prototyping, and it takes 4-8 months. You'll receive 5 sets of glass, but we retain the molds.


  1. **Can I get your glass without the Fesler logo?**

   No, our glass always features the Fesler logo.


  1. **Is the glass for the models listed actually available or is it a pre-order item?**

   If listed as available, it is in production. We stock at least 50 sets per model but notify you of any backorders before taking payment.


  1. **How long until my glass ships?**

   It ships within 2 days after your order is signed and completed.


  1. **Can I buy just the front or rear glass?**

   Yes, you can purchase either the front or rear glass separately.


  1. **Can I buy side glass too?**

   Yes, we recommend buying all glass pieces to ensure consistent tint and clarity.


  1. **What is your warranty?**

   We offer a 30-day warranty from the purchase date. Check the glass upon arrival and notify us immediately of any issues.


  1. **Do you have dealers that stock your products?**

    Currently, Classic Industries is the only dealer. Interested in becoming a dealer? Contact us.


  1. **Do you offer international shipping?**

    Yes, we provide international shipping quotes case-by-case and use bug-free pallets and crates for shipments to Australia.

**Manufacturing Questions**


  1. **Where is it made?**

    All Fesler Flush Mount Glass is made in Mexicali, Mexico.


  1. **How is it made?**

    We use the Float Glass Process, originating from 1952, ensuring high-quality production.


  1. **Is it plastic?**

    No, our windshields are laminated safety glass, and rear windows are tempered glass.


  1. **Why is glass better than plastic?**

    Glass is fire-resistant, offers better clarity and longevity, and behaves predictably in emergencies, unlike plastic.


  1. **What shades or tints do you offer?**

    Our glass comes in the original green tint, blocking 99.9% of harmful UVA rays.


  1. **Does the glass have a dark visor tint?**

    A slight variation is visible near the top of the windshield, but it appears uniform once installed.


  1. **Is your glass D.O.T. certified?**

    Yes, Fesler glass is D.O.T. approved, meeting federal safety standards.


  1. **Why is D.O.T. certification important?**

    It ensures the glass meets safety standards, providing protection in accidents.


  1. **Is plastic stronger than glass?**

    Glass is safer in emergencies as it breaks for rescue access, unlike plastic.


  1. **What makes Fesler glass better than competitors?**

    Fesler is the only active producer of Flush Mount Glass.


  1. **Can I buy directly from the manufacturer?**

    Yes, directly from Fesler, the sole manufacturer.


  1. **Are the "stripes" in my back glass normal?**

    Yes, they are strain patterns common in tempered glass.





**Installation Questions**


  1. **Can I install it myself?**

    We recommend professional installation due to the complexity.


  1. **What if I still want to install it myself?**

    Professional installation is highly recommended; we do not provide DIY instructions.


  1. **Do I need trim to cover the gap?**

    Not necessary. Use weatherproof silicone for a seamless finish or optional thin trim for $75.


  1. **What comes with a set of Fesler Flush Mount Glass?**

    One laminated glass windshield, one tempered glass rear window, and a crate.


  1. **Do I need to modify my car for installation?**

    No modifications are needed for OE openings.


  1. **How do I test fit the glass?**

    Detailed instructions are available on our website.


  1. **Why doesn't my glass fit perfectly?**

    Due to age and modifications, perfect fit may require additional labor.


  1. **Can I modify the glass to fit?**

    Not recommended.


  1. **What if I break my glass during installation?**

    No warranty for breakage during installation, but contact us for a possible discount on replacements.


  1. **Can I install your glass on a painted car?**

    Yes, but be cautious of potential scratches.


  1. **Is the gap at the bottom of my A-pillar on a Camaro normal?**

    Yes, it was previously covered by trim.


  1. **Should I remove OE trim clips and tabs?**

    We recommend removing them.


**Other Questions**


  1. **When should I purchase your glass?**

    During the vehicle's metal or bodywork stage.


  1. **How should I store the glass if not installing immediately?**

    Store it upright and strapped to a pallet.


  1. **Does the windshield have a built-in antenna?**

    Yes, in Camaro and Chevelle models.


  1. **Where can I buy an antenna adapter?**

    Available from Fesler for $9.99.


  1. **Is the FRIT border different on the windshield and rear window?**

    Yes, windshields have perforated FRIT bands, and rear windows have solid bands.


  1. **Are the lower corners of my windshield chipped?**

    What you see is the layers of laminated glass, not actual chips.


  1. **Can I get replacement glass if damaged?**

    Yes, we will continue providing replacement glass.


  1. **Will my insurance cover the windshield cost?**

    Check with your insurer, especially for custom pieces.


  1. **Why is your glass more expensive than OE glass?**

    Fesler glass is made in North America, has fewer molds, and is D.O.T. approved.


  1. **Can I get a paper template for test fitting?**

    No, because paper bends, and glass does not.


  1. **Is the glass weatherproof without trim or butyl?**

    Yes, our adhesive ensures a complete seal.