Fesler Flush Glass Install Tips

We created this as a guideline on the best way to install your glass. We have some of the best installers around the nation working on these cars and have taken what they say and put together some guidelines for you. Your glass guy may have a different method and that is OK if they can get it to sit flush. Regardless of what your glass guy tells you there are ways to make glass take shape of the car. You can use duck tap to pull it down and sandbags to hold into place. We use spacer to get it up in areas that seem to be low. Once the Urethan sets the glass will keep that form. Have a truck rear window that sticks out further than you like, take some rags and a 2x4 against the tailgate to hold flat till Urethan sets. 

We get asked a lot about replacement glass, put insurance on your glass and it will be covered. You can do a low deductible or zero glass policy and if you are going to buy expensive glass make sure its covered.