1967-72 C-10 Truck DOT Flush Mount Rubber Less Glass. Made in America.

Please allow 3-5 Days for raw product to ship, wrapped products will take longer and you will be given a time line once confirmed. Glass shipping is up to 10 business days to prep and crate for shipping.


Fesler glass does not require “sanding” to fit. The reason is, our competitors simply ask their China factory to make the stock glass “a few inches bigger all the way around” while Fesler prototypes, molds, test fits, manufactures and test fits again with three separate vehicles to insure an accurate fit. If a vendor requires sanding to your glass, then it is not properly made to fit your vehicle. Remember folks, you get what you pay for.

1967-72 Chevrolet C-10 front and rear glass kit.

Classic fit, flush mount glass for first generation hard top Camaros. Designed and manufactured in North America using the original Float Glass Process invented in 1957 by Pilkington Group, a multinational glass manufacturer.

What is flush mount glass? Basically, a larger piece of glass, designed to fit within the OE opening leaving only a small gap. The new glass eliminates the need for trim or weather stripping and instead uses a FRIT band, primer and super adhesive urethane to fasten into place. The specific size and shape of the new glass paired with the install method allows for an OE fit with no body modifications.

Besides its exclusivity in the marketplace, Fesler Flush Mount Glass is distinctive because of its meticulous manufacturing process and materials that date back to the 1930s when Libbey-Owens-Ford (LOF) manufactured most domestic automotive glass. Our glass is manufactured using the same process and the same molds (side glass) as OE manufactures did back in the day, guaranteeing our glass will fit just as good, if not better than it did from the factory. 

Each set of flush mount glass has been manufactured to mimic OE standards including the faint green hue rooted in every piece. Not known to most but the green hue is what makes our glass officially recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation for blocking 99.9% of harmful UVA rays. Just as with newer cars, each windshield is laminated safety glass while the rear pieces are tempered.

Please note that this item is non-returnable. If it doesn't fit out of the crate, then your vehicle may require body work to make it fit. Most vehicles require no work at all but there are instances where the vehicle and the glass do not mate well. This is especially the case with Dynacorn reproduction bodies. It is your responsibility to decide whether you are willing to perform this work BEFORE you purchase the glass. 

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All orders ship LTL Freight. Due to the size and weight of each package, it is highly recommended that you ship to a commercial address. Shipping charges to commercial addresses will be quoted on an individual basis. You will be contacted with a shipping quote after you place your order. You can choose to use our carrier or your own. We can ship international freight. Please call us to place international orders (including Canada and Mexico). 

  • Professional installation is highly, highly recommended.
  • All glass orders require a signed Credit Card Authorization Form which will be sent after your order is placed. We do not charge till we are ready to ship. 
  • Your order will ship near 15-20 business days AFTER we receive your credit card authorization form.



We commonly get asked for installation instructions for the flush mount glass and unfortunately Fesler DOES NOT endorse do-it-yourself installation with any of our flush mount products. Our reason is simple, safety. Fesler insists that all flush mount glass sold from our facility be installed by a professional certified glass technician. A top-quality professional installation will ensure the proper steps are taken to guarantee your windshield is installed to the highest quality standards. For a look at test fitting procedures, please CLICK HERE

Remember, the windshield does more than just keep out wind, water, and bugs; it helps keep you and your passengers safe in a collision. When standards are not followed precisely, this can lead to an unsafe windshield installation which puts you and your passengers at risk. A less serious, but highly annoying, consequence of an improper installation might be excessive noise when driving at higher speeds.

If you choose to disregard our recommendations it is important to know that one of the most dangerous mistakes that is commonly made in windshield replacements is using the wrong type of adhesive. Butyl, often used as a cost cutting measure is a majorly inferior adhesive as it only holds 60lb per square inch. It has little physical strength and will just pull apart in case of an accident. On the flip side, industrial strength adhesives, like those used by professionals, will hold 600lb per square inch and will ensure your safety. 

Using the wrong adhesive may not just result in leaks and cause cabin noise, but it could also result in serious injury in the event of accident. Leaving the windshield install to the guys with the trucks and glass is a capital idea. Plus, if things go wrong or the install is not to your liking, the shop will likely warranty and/or redo their work.

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